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The Value of the House and Land Package

Need Land in Tauranga or the BOP?

Build7 House and Land Packages (also called Home and Land Packages) offer exceptional value. All of the hard work of finding the right section and matching it with the perfect house has been done for you. It’s not just about the work. Our House and Land Packages in Tauranga and around the Bay of Plenty can also save a lot of money and reduce the risks that are normally associated with finding the right building site.

Whatever stage of the process you’re at (even if you already have a section), we’d love to help you build and own your next new home.  Please get in touch to learn about our free Build Planning Service or take a look at our House Plans.

House & Land FAQ’s


House and Land Packages are pre-designed homes that are matched to a particular section. Where land may be difficult to find in some parts of Tauranga or the Bay of Plenty, this can be a great option. There are often savings which can be made because of the efficiencies of this type of building system. This type of building can also save time on the overall build of the project.

Another advantage of the House and Land Package model – apart from the pricing – is that risk is removed from purchasing a section which may have hidden issues. These can be costly to fix.

Yes you can make changes, it is your house and you can change anything you wish.  If the changes affect the price of the build, they are clearly highlighted and agreed upfront. The design of the house for each house and land package is carefully matched to its section. This includes factors such as boundaries, aspect, topography etc. If changes are to do with finishing or cosmetic, then usually these changes will be included in the overall price. If changes are made to the building itself – for example extra rooms or features added, then there may be extra costs associated.

The beauty about home and land packages is that are ready to be built. If you prefer a custom design, where you get to start with a totally new plan, then read about our Design and Build service.

Yes we can help with finance on all of our House and Land Packages. We work with experts in the Construction Loan industry and can refer brokers and lenders who can help. A deposit of only 5% may be all that is required in some instances.

The build process for House and Land Packages Tauranga or the Bay is quite straight forward. The first step is meeting with us and reviewing the design, We want to make sure that you are happy with he house plans and the details. We’ll make variations to the build specification where necessary.  Once the design is approved, the contract is agreed and a deposit is paid to get the build started – usually the foundations.

There are several milestones throughout the build and working with your Build7 Project Manager, you’ll be kept up to date in a transparent way. Once the building construction of the House and Land Package  is approaching completion and all of the landscaping and other details are taken care of, we enter a phase where we quality check every part of the build to your satisfaction. Once that’s done you can move in!

Yes! For clients who decide on House and Land Packages in Tauranga or the BOP, but can’t find what they want, we can help. We have package deals coming on to the market every month. If you have looked at our listings on this page and can’t see something that suits, please contact us. We can also help you with finding a section and can develop some unique house plans that won’t cost you anything.