Many house hunters don’t think about building new, and they miss out on the benefits this can bring. If you’ve thought about a new home in the Bay of Plenty this year, then you’ve got some important decisions to make.

There are some big advantages to building a new home that you just can’t get when you buy an existing one. With proper research and planning, you can save time and money.

There are some advantages of choosing a pre-existing house. The main one being that you get to see the house and consider its space and design. This way you can visualise any potential plans. If you buy an already-built house you can invest in renovations. However, maintenance can be expensive if the house is older. Especially if there’s any issues with electrics or plumbing. Insulation is another issue that can be quite expensive if it needs to be re-done.

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The biggest advantage of building new from scratch is that you have the opportunity to design it. You get to choose the materials, colours and textures of the entire house.

All of this can be customised to suit your personality. All new homes are required to be built to meet certain standards. So this means you have security knowing that it’s been built to a high quality.

Building a new home also means you can choose the location. Whether you want a quiet, rural lifestyle, or to be closer to urban areas – the choice is yours.

Building new gives you control

One of the most exciting parts of a new build is having control over the entire design of your home. You get to run through ideas about shape, room placement and size. Design where each room will be, where you need the entrance and how your garden will be laid out. In addition, you will choose all of your materials. From walls, doors and windows to flooring, paint and lighting.

Building a new home will give you the chance to create your own unique and ideal house. You’ll be able to use the latest technology and sustainable materials.

If you want to know more about building new, then have a chat to Build7 Bay of Plenty. We can run through some options and tell you about our design and build process. We offer a free design service that can save you time and money.

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