At Build 7 Tauranga, we specialise in house design for families. If you are a family or extended family unit, there are a number of considerations to bear in mind when it comes to designing your new home.

Start with how you live your life and how that may change over the years ahead. You’ll need to consider space – both inside and out – when it comes to leisure activities. If your new section allows for outdoor space, then you’ll want to consider how to connect those areas with the house. These corridors that allow easy transitioning from inside to outdoors are critical.

House design for families - Build 7 TaurangaAnd it doesn’t have to be expensive. We show people how to use different and often inexpensive building materials to achieve this transition.

Quiet spaces for you and children is always a good idea. Think in terms of incorporating areas as quiet spaces that can have more than one function to save space. By working with the architect and new house design team, you’ll be surprised at what spaces can be created from limited floor area. Study areas, craft nooks and places for reading add long-term value to your home.

Storage is a consideration that is sometimes overlooked. Clever storage ideas include built-in access to parts of the structure of the house that would normally be hidden. This includes attic, roof or wall cavity areas. Think about the ages of children and how their needs will change when it comes to room for storage. Under-bed and stairway areas are always great storage areas.

Kitchen and house design for families

The developments in kitchen construction and technology is moving fast. This means that for a growing family, kitchen designers have a better understanding of workflow and space utilisation. Areas of the kitchen that take advantage of previously wasted areas can now be utilised to store and access kitchen equipment and appliances easily. The technology with the use of drawers, shelves and other structures can make the kitchen area easy to use as well as stylish.

The kitchen area is usually the hub of the Kiwi home. You’ll want to ensure that the ‘proxemics’ of the kitchen suit your lifestyle. This means understanding how the kitchen is placed in relation to other areas of the home – including access to outdoor areas. A growing family will want to have a kitchen that facilitates ease of entertainment.

If children are young, you’ll want to integrate a breakfast area or nook. Supervising the kids needs to be easy.

Easy to clean materials

While technology of construction of kitchens has developed significantly, so has the technology of surfaces that are easy to clean. Paint, plastics, stone and wooden surfaces can all be chosen with an eye to easy maintenance.

Build 7 Tauranga offers – as part of the price of a new home – a full kitchen consultation with a professional. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives you access to great ideas to suit the family situation.

About Build 7 Tauranga

We are builders in Tauranga who specialise in creating beautiful, quality custom homes that are designed for you and no-one else. We offer house design for families as a speciality. We are incredibly proud of what we do and how we can help anyone bring their dream home into reality. We cover all areas of the Bay of Plenty and would love to hear about what your dream home looks like.

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