There has been huge technological advancement in new home building recently. If you’re planning on building a new home in the BOP soon, here are a few items you might want to include:

Saving Water

From motion sensor controlled faucets to glowing LED lights that show you the temperature of the water, there are many gadgets available to make your bathroom use more convenient. You can opt for a shower that uses less water but still produces large drops. That way you don’t notice the difference, except from the saving on your water bill.

Induction Cook tops

Induction cook tops are designed only to give off heat when your cookware is actually on the surface. This means that you can’t overheat your kitchen and hands don’t get accidentally burned. This is a great energy saving and safety conscious device for your new home.

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Tablets in your new home

You can now use wireless technology to control almost everything in your home. You can use it to check your home security, control appliances and air conditioning, play music, change lighting and access the internet. Having tablets built into your walls allows you to access your systems conveniently wherever you are in the house.

Home Lighting

Changing to LED helps save power but you can also control switching your lights off and on, straight from your phone. Don’t want to come home to a dark house? You can even turn on the lights before you get there. This is also great to use when you’re away from home and want to turn lights off and on for security and energy saving. You can also change the lighting in your home according to your mood with a mobile app.

Smart Appliances

You might not have self repairing appliances as yet, but you can now get a Washing Machine that has built in Wi-Fi. This means it’s able to troubleshoot any minor problems it may have. This saves money on calling someone to come and repair the machine. It can also recognise off peak times in which to do the washing to save even more energy.

Technology is advancing rapidly and it makes sense to use of the latest when building a new home. When you choose Build7 BOP as your building partner, we can help you choose the best. We’re Tauranga builders with years of experience, so we can also get your the best price. Get in touch with us today and you could save money, power and time.

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