Pet friendly house building takes a bit of thought. It’s not just a Tauranga or Bay of Plenty issue. New Zealand is a country with many pet owners. A recent study found that 58% of Kiwis owns at least a dog, cat or both. Cats top the list for popularity with 45% of our homeowners having one. Dogs come in at second with a popularity of 38%.

With just over half of all New Zealand homeowners owning a pet, the tips in this article will help make your home safer and more convenient.

Tips for convenience

You can even make your home’s entryway more pet-friendly. The flooring should be tiled due as it’s much easier to clean in case a mess happens. You can also consider adding shelving for tidiness when storing items like leashes, towels and pet food.

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Choose hard-surface flooring instead. This type of flooring doesn’t necessarily have to be boring as there are many options to enhance style. Materials that are more interesting include brick and tinted or painted concrete. When choosing the material, avoid natural stone and marble at all costs as they are very porous and easily stained.

Choose the best type of carpet for your floor. If having carpet in your house is a necessity, then we highly recommend the low-pile type. It’s much less of a cleaning hassle and doesn’t absorb muuh odour.

Tips for pet friendly house building

To get a better general sense of all the potential hazards your home may pose, we recommend that you put yourself in your pet’s shoes. Quite literally, even if it requires you to get down on all floors to have a better, closer view all the areas that the pet can access either by climbing or jumping that may be dangerous.

Make sure that all medications and human food are completely inaccessible to your pets. Also check that there are no ‘ladders’ your pets could climb to get to these.

Additionally, chicken bones should always be discarded promptly and carefully as they are a choking hazard to both cats and dogs.

If you are thinking about a new home, then get in touch with Build7 BOP. As experienced Tauranga builders, we can build your house to suit your lifestyle. Whether you have 1 cat, 10 dogs, or something in between, we can offer advice on keeping your home pet friendly and healthy.

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