When you’ve decided on building a new home, you’ll be looking at sections for sale in Tauranga. There are some obvious considerations when you’re shopping for land. The most important things are: where the section is located, how large it is and the shape and topography. There are a few other considerations you need to look at before purchase as well.

Shape and size

Location is always a factor when it comes to your budget and lifestyle. When you have a young family, the availability of schools and transport can be a big factor. If you have pets, you would need to look at a larger area. Figure out what’s most important to you, then find a location that can meet those needs.

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The size of your new property impacts on the size of your house. It can also dictate whether you have space for a garage and whether you’ll be able to expand the house later if needed. When you look at a potential section, try to envision your home already built on the land.

The shape of the land will have a big impact on the house size and shape that can be built on it. So, depending on your lifestyle, ensure the section allows you to build the home you need. If the piece of land isn’t maintained, you may also have to look at the cost of removing trees, rocks and any other items away before you can start building.

What lies below?

The soil that lies beneath the surface of the land can also have an impact on your building. Certain types of soil will maintain the integrity of your foundations better than others. Some are easier to dig into that others (saving time and money), and some types of ground may cause movement and require you to build foundations.

Build7 can help with sections for sale in Tauranga

It’s always a good idea to speak to an expert as early as possible. At Build7, we’re the Tauranga builders that can help you through the entire process. We can even help you to find and choose land, then negotiate for the best price. We can advise you on soil composition and any other considerations before you purchase your perfect section.

It’s easy to get started. Get in touch with us here, and let’s have a chat about your new project.

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