It’s worth spending a bit of time to find the right Tauranga building company for you. Building your new home in the Bay of Plenty is an exciting prospect.  While it can be fun, it can also be an anxious time. After all, it’s a big step, and your investment will be significant.

You need to do the research when it comes to your new home in Tauranga. A lot of builders may only offer plans out of the catalogue. These designs don’t address anything to do with your own tastes and preferences. And some will charge thousands just for making small changes.

Tauranga building company designAnd that’s where it really counts – the cost. It’s really important to make sure the house design works on the site that’s been selected. One thing that can get out of hand are extra costs. Architects who want to make a design statement with your home can end up making changes to details that really just end up inflating the price.

For Build7 BOP, one of the most important factors to ensure the success of the build in the building site. The section.

Often new home builders think that the best process is to get a section. Their process is to engage an architect to come up with the design and then shop around for builders.

One issue with this process is that not all sellers of sections will disclose everything there is about it.  So even though you have a design sorted, it just won’t work with the building site.

Tauranga building company service

Based in Tauranga, Build7 will meet with you on site at the proposed section. It might be the site that you’ve already bought, or one you are considering. They then review with you what can be achieved and what can’t be achieved on the proposed site. And this costs you nothing.

In fact, their architect will come along to this first meeting and discuss the plans and the budget. Have you already secured a section?  No problem. They can design a customised house design and plans – without charge.

Having you the customer along with the architect and the builder in the same room is important. It gets everyone on the same page. What’s the end result?  A Tauranga home (or Papamoa or Mt. Maunganui or wherever) that is totally customised but without the costly design fees.

Get in touch with Build7 Bay of Plenty today. As Tauranga builders we have systems that can save you money  on your next home build. We also have affordable house and land options that remove the stress of hunting for land and designing your next home.

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