Are you researching Tauranga house and land listings? House and land options offer a number of benefits that you may not get from existing homes. There are a number or reason why new property buyers should look into purchasing a Tauranga house and land package.

Lower Cost

Packages are generally offered by Tauranga builders and section developers who are building a number of homes in an area (Papamoa is a good current example). When working on larger construction projects, there’s better pricing of labour and building materials that would be more expensive for a single home build. The construction process tends to be quicker too as the house designs have already been decided on.

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When you buy a house that has been lived in, you’re not always sure what you are buying. You inherit all the problems along with the property. Inspecting the property prior to purchase does turn up some of these issues. But many problems may not be so obvious and not become apparent for a couple of years.

Buying a new home means you know exactly what you are getting. There will be minimal maintenance needed and you’re covered by a builders guarantee for a number of years after purchase.

Features and Location

When buying off-plan you can usually choose a few design features to make the home more your own and more suitable for your family. You’re often able to choose the location you want as well. If you want to rent the property out as an investment, a newly built home is much more attractive to tenants.

Choosing a good design and location means that your rental property will be in high demand. Then you can achieve a premium rent rate and quality tenants that will stay long term.

Tauranga House and Land Building Process

Choosing from a pre-drawn design means you have to make fewer decisions and invest less time in the nitty gritty of design and construction. Your builder will also give you a good idea of when you’ll be able to move in to your new home. The project tends to be predictable and have less issues than building from a brand new, once off design plan. There is one point of contact, less paperwork and less involvement with solicitors as well as potentially lower bank fees.

As locally based Tauranga builders, Build7 Bay of Plenty, have house and land listings becoming available regularly. Talk to us about your goals and your plans to live in the area. We’d love to hear from you.

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