What do you get with Tauranga house and land deals? You own a section of land that you can build on to your personal requirements and needs. The designing and planning of your home means you can incorporate the environment on your section into the design of your home.

You can choose the layout, where to place windows and sliding doors, how large you want the windows to be and where they are facing. You can make the most of your views and landscape on your section as well as relate the home to energy saving aspects. There are many packages available on the market, so it’s getting easier to find one suitable for your unique needs.

Benefit financially from Tauranga house and land deals

When looking to invest in a rental property, building a brand new house makes a lot of financial sense. You will be able to ask for a higher rental rate and attract more good quality tenants. Maintenance of the property is less likely to be an issue for an extended period of time too. Purchasing a land and home package tends to be a little cheaper than purchasing each individually, so you will save on the cost of your investments as well.

Tauranga house and land deals offer

Package deals on offer

If you want to purchase a house and land deal as an investment or for a new home for your family, talk to experts that are knowledgeable in the area. Look at the listings available and discuss the financial advantages and tax benefits. There are a number of laws and regulations that pertain specifically to new developments. So having an expert to ask for advice is always a good idea.

Choose the right time

Currently, home and land packages are available in most areas of New Zealand. This means being able to build your own home to a custom design has never been easier. There are many inexpensive package deals out there and you’re likely to find something reasonable, within your budget that meets your needs. It’s so important to choose the right building company. Then you can be sure your home is built to last with quality materials.

At Build7, we have new deals come on the market regularly. You can look at our Tauranga house and land deals here to take advantage of all these benefits.

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